Hokkaido-SapporoFood and TourismInformation Center

The HokkaidoSapporoInformationCenter has opened in the Sapporo JR Station.

The InformationCenter provides information and leaflets on food establishments and sightseeing areas all over Hokkaido, and has English, Korean and Chinese speaking guides available year round. Here you can make hotel or camping reservations, buy train tickets, and purchase Hokkaido products and souvenirs. Please come and get information for sightseeing and tourism in Hokkaido. We will provide you with useful information to make your trip easy and fun.

 Location: Sapporo JR Station 1F, West Concourse, North Exit (North6, West4)

Hours: 8:30am – 8:00pm year round (JR Information window closes at 7pm)

Phone: 011-213-5088

FAX: 011-213-5089





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