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P.Emergencies / Disasters

 During your stay in Japan, you might be faced with a fire, traffic accident or a natural disaster. You should learn beforehand how to contact the appropriate organizations and manage such accidents, as well as how to act calmly and accordingly should you ever be involved in an emergency situation.

* 119 – Fire department
 Call 119 for fires, emergency care or injuries.
 Emergency call operators answer in Japanese in most cases. Therefore, you should be prepared to give at least the following information in Japanese:
  (1) Accident type (fire or emergency care)
  (2) Place of the accident
  (3) Your name
 Calling fire engines and ambulance is charge-free, though the service is available only for emergency purposes.

* 110 – Police Station
 Call 110 for help in case of a traffic accident, theft or assault, and give the operator the following information in Japanese:
  (1) Accident type (traffic accident, crimes, etc)
  (2) Place of the accident
  (3) Your name

* In case of natural disasters
  Japan is one of the most earthquake-hit countries in the world. Hokkaido is no exception, and is often hit by major natural disasters including earthquakes, volcano eruptions and typhoons. Please be prepared for these incidents:
  (1) Make sure that you know where your evacuation site/shelter are for natural disaster;
  (2) Have an adequate stockpile (valuables, emergency provisions (tins/water), portable radio, flashlight, medical supplies);
  (3) Confirm individual roles within a family for a disaster, as well as decide how to contact each other when a disaster
  (4) Ensure your safety inside your house: Fix furniture on the wall/ceiling, and sort out goods placed on a higher place to
  prevent them from falling;
  (5) Secure an evacuation route within your building.

 Please visit the Hokkaido Government’s website “Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Information,” where you can find multilingual information on warnings and advisories for natural disasters (earthquake, tsunami and typhoon) as well as evacuation instructions.

○ Details of the system and procedure
   Go to
      (Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Information; Crisis Management Division, Department of General Affairs,
       Hokkaido Government) [Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Russian] (CLAIR)

○ Lists of organizations for processing and general inquiries
  (Disaster prevention map, temporary evacuation sites/shelters)
    Municipal offices in Hokkaido(Excel)

○ Links
    Hokkaido Prefectural Police [Available in Japanese and English]
  (Fire department)
    Fire and Disaster Management Agency (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan) [Available in Japanese and English]
  (Weather information)
    Japan Meteorological Agency (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in Japan) [Available in Japanese and English]
    Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory  [Available in Japanese]


 If you should be faced with troubles or anxieties about daily life in Japan, please feel free to contact local international exchange associations, local consulate generals or consulates, municipal offices, main/branch offices of Hokkaido Government and other consultation means.

○ Details of the system and procedure
  Go to (CLAIR)

○Lists of organizations for processing and general inquiries // Links
  (International exchange associations)
   Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center
     TEL: 011-221-7840 [Available in Japanese and English]
   Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
     TEL: 011-211-2105 [Available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Russian and German]
   International Affairs Division, Department of Policy Planning and Coordination, Hokkaido Government
    TEL: 011-204-5113 (Direct) [Available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean]
   “For Victims of Crime” (PDF) (Public Prosecutors Office) [English]

   Consulate Generals and Consulates in Hokkaido(Excel)




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