safety-minded driving~Drive Hokkaido


Slow down

When driving on wide, long roads surrounded by extensive scenery in Hokkaido, people tend to drive too fast.
However, remember that excessive speed could lead to traffic accidents.
Observe speed limits and drive at safe speeds, considering road and weather conditions.


Seatbelts and child seats

While driving, please ensure that everyone in the car has his or her seatbelt fastened.
All small children must sit in child seats.
When riding a motorcycle (or moped), be sure to wear a helmet.


Do not drive after drinking

Never drive if you are under the influence of alcohol.
You also must not urge a driver to drink, or lend a vehicle to or ride together with a driver who has been drinking.


Use of headlights: Daytime-Lights-On Movement

When driving a vehicle, keep headlights on even during the day.
By driving with lights on:

  • Drivers raise their own awareness of safe driving.
  • Drivers draw the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Drivers make it easy for others to notice the presence and position of their cars.





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