Major road signs and lights in Japan ~Drive Hokkaido

Major road signs and traffic lights in Japan

Road signs represent the law, and breaking the law can lead to accidents.
Traffic violations are subject to punishment.
Please comply with the rules and enjoy safe and secure driving.

ph_05_01.jpg Stop
Stop before the stop line and check whether it is safe to proceed.
ph_05_02.jpg No entry to vehicles
Vehicles are not allowed to enter (this is the exit of a one-way passage).
ph_05_03.jpg No entry except in the designated direction.
Use only in the designated direction (as indicated by the arrow).
ph_05_04.jpg No parking
Do not park here. (Illegal parking causes traffic jams and obstructs the passage of emergency vehicles.)
ph_05_05.jpg Maximum speed
Do not exceed the limit indicated by the speed sign (the example is 50 km/h). *All speed signs indicate kilometers per hour.
ph_05_06.jpg No parking or stopping
Do not park or stop any vehicles here.
ph_05_07.jpg Railroad crossings
A train is approaching when the alarm sounds and the lights flash. Stop the vehicle before the crossing and wait until the train has passed to proceed.
ph_05_08.jpg No passage of vehicles
Vehicles are not allowed to pass through here.


Tips on Japanese traffic lights

Ignoring traffic lights can result in serious accidents. Even if you do not see people or vehicles around you, you must obey the signals.

ph_05_09.jpg Even at green lights, check the safety of your surroundings. ph_05_10.jpg Arrow signals
Even when the traffic light is red, you can proceed in the direction of the arrow.
The yellow arrow signal is for streetcars only.
ph_05_11.jpg Blinking red lights
Stop: Check right and left before proceeding.
ph_05_12.jpg Blinking yellow lights
Caution: Check for pedestrians and vehicles coming from the right or the left.
ph_05_13.jpg There are single-type flashing signals in the suburbs. These function in the same way as three-color signals.    





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